Edmonton's most elusive pop-up speakeasy! Go back in time to an era of luxurious outfits, cocktails, jazz and extravagance with the Violette Underground, hosted by burlesque performer Violette Coquette. The exact performer list is always a secret: the anticipation of what you will see is part of the surprise and delight of the night! Expect spoken word poetry, jazz singing, fortune telling, dancing, philosophical conversations and (of course) glittery burlesque performances at intervals throughout the night. Styled after a past era of extravagant parties, this event is a mix of party and show without the separation of stage - any place in the room can be a front-row seat.

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Photography by Jill Keech Photography 

Violette Underground Un photos by Jill Keech Photography / Video footage by Keen Eye (editing by Office of Sarah)

Violette Underground Deux photos by Jill Keech Photography / Video footage by Naked Rain Creative (editing by Office of Sarah)

Violette Underground Quatre photos by Vintage Photography

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