Common questions // Violette Underground

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets here! There is usually Early Bird pricing and limited space at Violette Underground pop-ups, so get your tickets early! Your ticket will generally include entry and some hors d'oeuvres.

Q: What does the VIP portion of the night include?

Some Violette Undergrounds include a private VIP pre-party “cocktail hour” where you will be able to enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles, hors d'oeuvres and sweets, the chance to hob-nob with performers and get *exclusive previews* of two of the night's closing performances.

Q: What kind of food and drinks will there be?

Each Underground is generally catered by a different group. In the past caterers and cocktail-makers have included Duchess Bake ShopThe Volstead Act, SpeakTiki and Elm Cafe. You can always expect cocktails, wine, and some sort of appetizer or dessert to be available to purchase and satisfy your imbibing desires for the night.

Q: What should I wear?

The Violette Underground is a dressy affair: or perhaps more accurately, a dress-up affair. This is the place to wear that over-the-top beautiful sparkly evening gown (or tuxedo) that's been sitting in your closet collecting dust. Or, put together an outrageous costume that is part glam, part pirate. Think like a child pulling costumes out of a tickle trunk: be extravagant and creative. For this event, there is no such thing as too much! The main guidelines are to wear something grand, dapper, sparkly, over-the-top, costumed, fun.

Q: What if I don't have a physical ticket?

No worries! Everyone who purchases a ticket will have their name on the guest list at the door. If any issues come up, ask the door person to speak directly to Violette and I will help you sort it out!

Q: Can I buy my ticket at the door?

Yes, but only if there are tickets left over! It is much better to purchase your tickets in advance, to guarantee that you'll be able to get in. Tickets at the door will be $50 (can be paid with cash or credit card) and will be available until we reach venue capacity. If you're buying your ticket at the door, we suggest you arrive before the doors open to ensure you get a ticket!

Q: Is there an ATM? Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card at the Local Omnivore for whatever food and drinks you purchase. There is NO ATM at the event venue.

If you're buying your ticket at the door, you will have the opportunity to pay with cash or credit card.

Q: Will I actually need the password at the door?

YES! An email is sent out to everyone on the guest list the day before the event with last-minute event details, including the password. If you are media, please contact

Q: Will it be weird if I come alone? Is it better to come alone??

The "philosophical salon" aspect of the Violette Underground came about because we wanted to create an event that gave the opportunity for interesting conversation with interesting people. So please - come alone if you're feeling daring, come in pairs or in a large group, it's totally up to you. Either way, expect to share conversation, laughs or dances with new people!

Q: How does the entertainment work? Will I have a seat?

The set-up for the night is that of an underground speakeasy club. There is no assigned seating: people are free to stand, sit, and mingle whenever and however they please!

Performances will be happening every 15 minutes or so. There is no stage: performers will be setting up throughout the room during the night, so you never know when you'll have a front-row seat! The goal is to create a space where performer and guest mingle through the night.

Q: What sort of entertainment can I expect to see?

The performer list (and exact performances happening) are never advertised for the Violette Underground: the anticipation of what you will see is part of the surprise and delight of the night ;) But - generally speaking, expect to see a variety of different performance arts: spoken word poetry, live vocalists, short theatrics, musicians, cabaret, drag queens - your imagination is the limit. We DO guarantee that there will always be burlesque in the night! So expect glitter and some nudity (this event is not for the conservative of heart!).

Q: My company is interested in sponsoring a Violette Underground. How do we get in touch?

Send an email to with details of what you're interested in sponsoring (cash/venue/giveaways/food/decorations) and we can chat about the options available!

Q: I can't make it to this Violette Underground! How do I found out about the next event?

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