The tangible delight of the night...

Thank you for attending the Violette Underground /
This first secret burlesque speakeasy club /
The Blind Tiger ROARED again /
We warmed up on a cold winter night /
With lusty spirit and gambling proclivities /
We lived well /
We drank delight and magic /
We glittered like starlight.

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The blind tiger *may* walk again on February 13, 2016. 
An event for singles and lovers alike. Location TBA. Password protected ticket sales *may* begin January 8, 2016...

What is the Violette Underground? The Violette Underground is a unique cross between a secret speakeasy club and a philosophical salon. Evenings include artisan cocktails, spoken word, jazz singing, fortunes, games of chance, and burlesque so close that the costumes will be brushing against your fingertips. Our goal is always to provide a completely unique location and experience, and to delight and surprise!