Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 4

 *The Cocktail Menu*

Since we spoilt you with Woodwork cocktails at the first Violette Underground, a great cocktail menu was high on the priority list for this second event. Which is why we've brought on Speak Tiki bartenders Natasha and André.

Speak Tiki is a "rum driven, non sophisticated cocktail pop up" founded by Natasha Trowsdale, André Bober, & Nic MacDonald. You may recognize Natasha and André from the first Violette Underground, since they were two of your bartenders at Woodwork that night (you can also peak at them in the video from that first event!).

Rather than leave you in suspense, I'd like to leave you in a state of anticipation and suspense, so I've attached the cocktail menu (created by Natasha and André) for this Saturday night for you to peruse and plan ;)

Note, the bar will be cash only: there is no ATM in the CKUA building, so stop by a downtown ATM on your way over!

As you can see, there is a non-alcoholic option on the list for those of you who are drinking clean. There will also be champagne available by the glass.

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Over at 1am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

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Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

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