Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 3

*Dance Cards*

A dance card is a programme du bal that was common at the formal balls of 19th century. Traditionally, the gentlemen would fill in their name on the lady's dance card for the dance they'd like to reserve. For this Violette Underground, though, we're doing our own little twist on the classic dance card...

Since everyone will be arriving as a real or made-up persona, the dance card serves more as an interesting way to meet someone new, neither seriously romantic nor platonic — merely someone new and intriguing. It's also not just for dances: you can choose to have a cocktail together or a conversation. Simply fill in each other's cards with your name, at the time you'd like to meet, and checkmark the activity that you'd like to do.

If you'd rather spend that time alone you can pre-fill your card or say your dance card is full. Or stand in the corner looking grumpy and all Hemingway-like. The latter sounds the most amusing to me ;)


Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

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Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

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