Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 2

*Wild, fantastical personas*

Have you ever wanted to be someone completely different for a night?

For the Feb 13 Violette Underground, we encourage you to arrive at the party (or create through the night, we're not fussy) as a made-up character, a persona with an outlandish costume and/or back story ("My name is Evansphere Codswallop and I am consort to the Queen!") — or come as yourself and leave everyone guessing ("No, no, my name is actually Don Iveson and I'm the mayor of Edmonton. Really!!"). If you're single, feel free to pretend you're taken; if you've come with your romantic mate, both of you can pretend that you've come separately and meet for the first time. The point is to not take life too seriously for a night and let yourself play.

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

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