Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 1

The performers and performances for Violette Undergrounds are always hush-hush (who doesn't love some mystery and intrigue in their evening?) but every few days we will be giving you sneak peaks of the other things you can expect to find at the Violette Underground Numéro Deux on Feb 13. Here's your first one...

*Fortune Telling*

Curious to know your future, or to see if you are a clairvoyant with the power to foretell the futures of your friends? Sit down at one of our tables with these fortune telling cards and test your prowess.

For moments between conversations or in line for cocktails, you may also run into our Roving Fortune Teller, who may serve as an oracle to your near future...

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

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