Announcement/burly update!

While I have enjoyed three years of glorious shimmies, high kicks and glitter with Capital City Burlesque, after much consideration and soul searching I have decided to step away from Capital City Burlesque - effective immediately. My vision for what I want to do in the future was starting to veer away from the Capital City Burlesque group's vision as a whole.

I am leaving on good terms with troupe founder and leader Delilah Manhandler (Kim) and I have the utmost respect and love for the creative vision and talents of CCB, particularly for the creative foundation and burlesque opportunities that Kim provided to me. MAD PROPS. I am grateful for my time on CCB, the amazing people I've met and experiences I've had. I wish current members of CCB the very best in their upcoming Geek Show and all future endeavours.

I am also excited about my own future burly endeavours! If anything I plan to be more active in the wider burlesque community and I've basically transformed into a glittery ball of excitement about all the burly plans in my head. Stay in the know by checking my Upcoming Shows and Events!

I have all the shimmies to share with you.