Burlesque workshop on April 18th!

I will be teaching another burlesque workshop at the newly minted Edmonton Burlesque Centre on Saturday, April 18th! 

So pumped about this. I will be teaching a short burlesque choreography using my latin dance knowledge and experience to give it a sexy latin flair and New York style groove. Believe you me, my playlist is going to be RAD. I'll take the class through some classic burlesque movements and go through some helpful techniques that will add grounded confidence to your dancing (and as you move through life). Expect a good dose of shimmies, grinds, body rolls and feminist side notes. I want everyone to leave this class feeling more in-tune with their confident, sultry and sassy selves! 

Burlesque with a Latin Twist / Saturday, April 18 @ 11:15am - 12:15pm

Good for all dance levels: this workshop will cater to the levels of the students in the class. Concepts we will cover include grounding/balance tips and techniques, vintage bump, grind and shimmy work, and how to create emphasis and emotion in your body movements so that your audience can't take their eyes off you!

Cost is $20. Register in advance HERE.

The Edmonton Burlesque Centre is located at 11803 - 125 street (Second floor, Purple door) / Phone: (587) 501-2868 / Website: edmontonburlesquecentre.ca