Common questions // Violette Underground

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets here! There is usually Early Bird pricing and limited space at Violette Underground pop-ups, so get your tickets early! Your ticket will generally include entry and some hors d'oeuvres.

Q: What does the VIP portion of the night include?

Some Violette Undergrounds include a private VIP pre-party “cocktail hour” where you will be able to enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles, hors d'oeuvres and sweets, the chance to hob-nob with performers and get *exclusive previews* of two of the night's closing performances.

Q: What kind of food and drinks will there be?

Each Underground is generally catered by a different group. In the past caterers and cocktail-makers have included Duchess Bake ShopThe Volstead Act, SpeakTiki and Elm Cafe. You can always expect cocktails, wine, and some sort of appetizer or dessert to be available to purchase and satisfy your imbibing desires for the night.

Q: What should I wear?

The Violette Underground is a dressy affair: or perhaps more accurately, a dress-up affair. This is the place to wear that over-the-top beautiful sparkly evening gown (or tuxedo) that's been sitting in your closet collecting dust. Or, put together an outrageous costume that is part glam, part pirate. Think like a child pulling costumes out of a tickle trunk: be extravagant and creative. For this event, there is no such thing as too much! The main guidelines are to wear something grand, dapper, sparkly, over-the-top, costumed, fun.

Q: What if I don't have a physical ticket?

No worries! Everyone who purchases a ticket will have their name on the guest list at the door. If any issues come up, ask the door person to speak directly to Violette and I will help you sort it out!

Q: Can I buy my ticket at the door?

Yes, but only if there are tickets left over! It is much better to purchase your tickets in advance, to guarantee that you'll be able to get in. Tickets at the door will be $50 (can be paid with cash or credit card) and will be available until we reach venue capacity. If you're buying your ticket at the door, we suggest you arrive before the doors open to ensure you get a ticket!

Q: Is there an ATM? Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card at the Local Omnivore for whatever food and drinks you purchase. There is NO ATM at the event venue.

If you're buying your ticket at the door, you will have the opportunity to pay with cash or credit card.

Q: Will I actually need the password at the door?

YES! An email is sent out to everyone on the guest list the day before the event with last-minute event details, including the password. If you are media, please contact

Q: Will it be weird if I come alone? Is it better to come alone??

The "philosophical salon" aspect of the Violette Underground came about because we wanted to create an event that gave the opportunity for interesting conversation with interesting people. So please - come alone if you're feeling daring, come in pairs or in a large group, it's totally up to you. Either way, expect to share conversation, laughs or dances with new people!

Q: How does the entertainment work? Will I have a seat?

The set-up for the night is that of an underground speakeasy club. There is no assigned seating: people are free to stand, sit, and mingle whenever and however they please!

Performances will be happening every 15 minutes or so. There is no stage: performers will be setting up throughout the room during the night, so you never know when you'll have a front-row seat! The goal is to create a space where performer and guest mingle through the night.

Q: What sort of entertainment can I expect to see?

The performer list (and exact performances happening) are never advertised for the Violette Underground: the anticipation of what you will see is part of the surprise and delight of the night ;) But - generally speaking, expect to see a variety of different performance arts: spoken word poetry, live vocalists, short theatrics, musicians, cabaret, drag queens - your imagination is the limit. We DO guarantee that there will always be burlesque in the night! So expect glitter and some nudity (this event is not for the conservative of heart!).

Q: My company is interested in sponsoring a Violette Underground. How do we get in touch?

Send an email to with details of what you're interested in sponsoring (cash/venue/giveaways/food/decorations) and we can chat about the options available!

Q: I can't make it to this Violette Underground! How do I found out about the next event?

Sign up for our e-newsletter below!

Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 4

 *The Cocktail Menu*

Since we spoilt you with Woodwork cocktails at the first Violette Underground, a great cocktail menu was high on the priority list for this second event. Which is why we've brought on Speak Tiki bartenders Natasha and André.

Speak Tiki is a "rum driven, non sophisticated cocktail pop up" founded by Natasha Trowsdale, André Bober, & Nic MacDonald. You may recognize Natasha and André from the first Violette Underground, since they were two of your bartenders at Woodwork that night (you can also peak at them in the video from that first event!).

Rather than leave you in suspense, I'd like to leave you in a state of anticipation and suspense, so I've attached the cocktail menu (created by Natasha and André) for this Saturday night for you to peruse and plan ;)

Note, the bar will be cash only: there is no ATM in the CKUA building, so stop by a downtown ATM on your way over!

As you can see, there is a non-alcoholic option on the list for those of you who are drinking clean. There will also be champagne available by the glass.

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Over at 1am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

Read this Q&A with our most commonly asked questions!

Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 3

*Dance Cards*

A dance card is a programme du bal that was common at the formal balls of 19th century. Traditionally, the gentlemen would fill in their name on the lady's dance card for the dance they'd like to reserve. For this Violette Underground, though, we're doing our own little twist on the classic dance card...

Since everyone will be arriving as a real or made-up persona, the dance card serves more as an interesting way to meet someone new, neither seriously romantic nor platonic — merely someone new and intriguing. It's also not just for dances: you can choose to have a cocktail together or a conversation. Simply fill in each other's cards with your name, at the time you'd like to meet, and checkmark the activity that you'd like to do.

If you'd rather spend that time alone you can pre-fill your card or say your dance card is full. Or stand in the corner looking grumpy and all Hemingway-like. The latter sounds the most amusing to me ;)


Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

Read this Q&A with our most commonly asked questions!


Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 2

*Wild, fantastical personas*

Have you ever wanted to be someone completely different for a night?

For the Feb 13 Violette Underground, we encourage you to arrive at the party (or create through the night, we're not fussy) as a made-up character, a persona with an outlandish costume and/or back story ("My name is Evansphere Codswallop and I am consort to the Queen!") — or come as yourself and leave everyone guessing ("No, no, my name is actually Don Iveson and I'm the mayor of Edmonton. Really!!"). If you're single, feel free to pretend you're taken; if you've come with your romantic mate, both of you can pretend that you've come separately and meet for the first time. The point is to not take life too seriously for a night and let yourself play.

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

Read this Q&A with our most commonly asked questions!

Violette Underground Numéro Deux // Sneak Peak 1

The performers and performances for Violette Undergrounds are always hush-hush (who doesn't love some mystery and intrigue in their evening?) but every few days we will be giving you sneak peaks of the other things you can expect to find at the Violette Underground Numéro Deux on Feb 13. Here's your first one...

*Fortune Telling*

Curious to know your future, or to see if you are a clairvoyant with the power to foretell the futures of your friends? Sit down at one of our tables with these fortune telling cards and test your prowess.

For moments between conversations or in line for cocktails, you may also run into our Roving Fortune Teller, who may serve as an oracle to your near future...

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2016
Doors at 8pm / Shows start at 9pm / Last call at 2am
Location: CKUA building downtown (9804 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton)

Sneak Peak 1:  Fortune Telling Cards

Sneak Peak 2: Build a Fantastical Persona for the Night!

Sneak Peak 3: A Modern Day Dance Card

Sneak Peak 4: The Cocktail Menu

Read this Q&A with our most commonly asked questions!


The tangible delight of the night...

Thank you for attending the Violette Underground /
This first secret burlesque speakeasy club /
The Blind Tiger ROARED again /
We warmed up on a cold winter night /
With lusty spirit and gambling proclivities /
We lived well /
We drank delight and magic /
We glittered like starlight.

Feedback for the first Violette Underground? Fill out this 1 minute form.

The blind tiger *may* walk again on February 13, 2016. 
An event for singles and lovers alike. Location TBA. Password protected ticket sales *may* begin January 8, 2016...

What is the Violette Underground? The Violette Underground is a unique cross between a secret speakeasy club and a philosophical salon. Evenings include artisan cocktails, spoken word, jazz singing, fortunes, games of chance, and burlesque so close that the costumes will be brushing against your fingertips. Our goal is always to provide a completely unique location and experience, and to delight and surprise!

AGLC changes liquor laws surrounding nudity and burlesque

Big news for 2015 in the Alberta burlesque community regarding the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission)'s liquor laws.

In November of 2015 the AGLC finally changed the regulations around their definition of "nudity", which has been a serious issue for burlesque performers in Alberta for years. Violette Coquette and the Secret Burlesque Society recently also joined this fight, making the issues around these AGLC rules an integral part of their performances and introductions over the past months, including creating an "AGLC" performance piece that actively protested the archaic and sexist AGLC definition of nudity that included female nipples and breast tissue, but not men's.

The AGLC has now changed their definition of "nude" to NOT include nipples or breasts, providing "nipple equality" for male and female performers. A huge win! 

Violette was interviewed and pictured in a Metro article about the issue. Read the article here

Photo of Violette Coquette performing at Yellowhead Brewery / Image by Heiko Ryll

Photo of Violette Coquette performing at Yellowhead Brewery / Image by Heiko Ryll

The Violette Underground launches

The very first Violette Underground will be happening Wednesday evening, Dec 16 at Woodwork. The event will be a unique mix of speakeasy and salon: attendees will be able to roll from philosophical conversation to craft cocktails while enjoying various live performances including spoken word, jazz and burlesque.

"My goal is to create a unique kind of experience that I don't currently see being offered in Edmonton's scene. I would define it as a cross between a secret speakeasy club and a philosophical salon, with a focus on unique, live entertainment. I want attendees to put their phones away and go back in time - to really enjoy and drink in that tangible, tactile experience of physically being present in a space. Every person in the room contributes to the pleasure and amusement of the night, but there will also be a smattering of organized entertainment - spoken word poetry, live jazz – and, of course, burlesque. My goal is to delight and surprise, and offer a variety of experiences and activities, for a variety of palettes", says Violette Coquette regarding her inspiration to start the Violette Underground.

Tickets must be purchased in advance! $60 includes a cocktail punch and charcuterie snacks.

Buy your ticket here!

Where: Woodwork (10134 100 St NW, Edmonton, AB)
When: Wednesday, Dec 16
Time: 9pm until 2am
Wear: something that makes you feel fabulous and dapper

Shameless Photo Portraits with Aaron Pedersen

The Secret Burlesque Society participated in acclaimed Edmonton photographer Aaron Pedersen's Shameless photo series. 

I love what he did. Pedersen is not only a favourite person of mine, but also just incredibly good at what he does. Here are some of my individual shots that I'm currently lovin'.

Props to Elise Truong at Sweet Carousel Corsets for building the corset and the fringed-out underwear for my outfit. Soon both will be covered in rhinestones, but I like that they got the bare treatment for this shoot ;)

Aaron Pedersen /

Aaron Pedersen /

Aaron Pedersen /

Aaron Pedersen /

Aaron Pedersen /

Aaron Pedersen /

2nd Year Performing at the Ottawa Burlesque Festival!

You know you're busy when it takes you a week to post about something so fabulous and exciting, which is that I'm booked to perform at the Ottawa Burlesque Festival again!!

This year I'll be performing in the Saturday night showcase at the Bronson Centre Theatre, Saturday Sept 19, 2015. 

For more info visit their Facebook page or if you're in the Ottawa, Canada area visit their website to buy tickets!


Summer Workshops

I will be teaching TWO summer workshops at the Edmonton Burlesque Centre in July!

Workshop: Burlesque with a Latin Twist

We live every day in our bodies, but sometimes it's hard to feel grounded and confident in our bodies or in your our lives. This class is for you if you're seeking grounded vibes. Learn simple burlesque movements with tips and techniques to make your movements solid, confident and full of flavour. 

In this class: Tips and techniques for staying grounded in your dancing AND while you walk through life, body movement and musicality, getting your own personal flavour and groove moving and flowing. Learn a short choreo to help you remember and practice these techniques when you get home!

Dates and times:

Saturday, July 18 at 11:30am

Wednesday, July 22 at 7pm

Cost: $20

Location: #201, 11803 - 125 street, Edmonton (Second floor, Purple door!)

To register visit the Edmonton Burlesque Centre:

The Curious Pop-up Cabaret

The Secret Burlesque Society has a Make Something Edmonton project up that plans to transform ordinary city places into extraordinary spaces. We invite you to imagine the transformation of public space with music, dance, laughter and glitter - so much glitter.

We are looking for $1500 in support for material and production costs to make this pop-up venue come alive. It will be a moveable space where people are invited to be delighted by the sensational, the curious and the scintillating. We aim to revolutionize the humdrum of public space within our concrete jungle by creating a momentary illusion of a cabaret lost in time.

Support us!

Announcement/burly update!

While I have enjoyed three years of glorious shimmies, high kicks and glitter with Capital City Burlesque, after much consideration and soul searching I have decided to step away from Capital City Burlesque - effective immediately. My vision for what I want to do in the future was starting to veer away from the Capital City Burlesque group's vision as a whole.

I am leaving on good terms with troupe founder and leader Delilah Manhandler (Kim) and I have the utmost respect and love for the creative vision and talents of CCB, particularly for the creative foundation and burlesque opportunities that Kim provided to me. MAD PROPS. I am grateful for my time on CCB, the amazing people I've met and experiences I've had. I wish current members of CCB the very best in their upcoming Geek Show and all future endeavours.

I am also excited about my own future burly endeavours! If anything I plan to be more active in the wider burlesque community and I've basically transformed into a glittery ball of excitement about all the burly plans in my head. Stay in the know by checking my Upcoming Shows and Events!

I have all the shimmies to share with you.


Burlesque workshop on April 18th!

I will be teaching another burlesque workshop at the newly minted Edmonton Burlesque Centre on Saturday, April 18th! 

So pumped about this. I will be teaching a short burlesque choreography using my latin dance knowledge and experience to give it a sexy latin flair and New York style groove. Believe you me, my playlist is going to be RAD. I'll take the class through some classic burlesque movements and go through some helpful techniques that will add grounded confidence to your dancing (and as you move through life). Expect a good dose of shimmies, grinds, body rolls and feminist side notes. I want everyone to leave this class feeling more in-tune with their confident, sultry and sassy selves! 

Burlesque with a Latin Twist / Saturday, April 18 @ 11:15am - 12:15pm

Good for all dance levels: this workshop will cater to the levels of the students in the class. Concepts we will cover include grounding/balance tips and techniques, vintage bump, grind and shimmy work, and how to create emphasis and emotion in your body movements so that your audience can't take their eyes off you!

Cost is $20. Register in advance HERE.

The Edmonton Burlesque Centre is located at 11803 - 125 street (Second floor, Purple door) / Phone: (587) 501-2868 / Website:

Capital City Burlesque Holiday Extravaganza

After a three-month festival hiatus, Edmonton’s own Capital City Burlesque is excited to be back on stage with their classic holiday show, the Holiday Extravaganza.

Celebrate the holidays surrounded by glitter, sequins, rhinestones, and feathers at The Roxy Theatre this December. Featuring some of CCB's classic holiday numbers, and debuting several new solo and group acts, this show will keep you toasty and warm through to the new year! Capital City Burlesque’s Holiday Extravaganza runs at The Roxy Theatre for two nights in December and is suitable for all audiences 18+.

Friday, December 5th - Show starts at 8PM
Saturday, December 6th - Show starts at 8PM

Venue: The Roxy Theatre, 10708, 124 street, Edmonton, AB

Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door (available through The Roxy Theatre Box Office (780.453.2440) and online at

San Fran Hubba Hubba Revue

In San Francisco, prepping for the Hubba Hubba Revue tonight! I'm tingling with the excitement of meeting new glittery things of inspiration. This city has good energy, and my little self wears it well. #glitter #sanfran #hubbahubba (Psst - in town? Buy tickets HERE! Or just show up: we are above DNA Lounge, Doors @ 9pm, Nov 24))

Vue Weekly's 2014 Blue Revue

Capital City Burlesque opened Vue Weekly's 2014 #HumpDay Blue Revue show and I got to be on the poster! A burlesque-movie-revue interpretation of "American Beauty" rose petal scene of fame... #popcornbikiniofyourdreams