Canadian burlesque provocateur, the "Untouchable Tease", Violette Coquette!

Canadian burlesque artist Violette Coquette has performed across the world, from the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas to cabaret club MELT in Stockholm, Sweden. Violette made her festival stage debut as a solo artist at the Ottawa Burlesque Festival in 2014. In 2015 she co-founded the Secret Burlesque Society. In 2016 she was invited to join up with Send in the Girls Burlesque (SITG) to perform in two new productions, "Shakespeare's Sirens" (2016) and "With Glowing Hearts" (2017), both of which went on to be nominated for Sterling Awards. In late 2017, Violette co-founded House of Hush Burlesque with LeTabby Lexington. She is also the creator of pop-up speakeasy burlesque show the Violette Underground, and the Yeg Burlesque Calendar, an online resource that lists all upcoming burlesque-related shows and events in Edmonton.

Currently residing in Edmonton, Canada, Violette regularly produces several highly successful shows, including a monthly speakeasy burlesque show at Crash Hotel and Clue: A Burlesque Murder Mystery (co-produced by Beau Creep and LeTabby Lexington). For a complete list of what's coming up check out her Upcoming Events page!

Violette was voted "Best Burlesque Artist" in Vue Weekly's 2016 Best of Edmonton. and voted among the Top 3 Burlesque Artists in Vue Weekly's 2017 & 2018 Best of Edmonton.

Connect with Violette:


Instagram: @violettecoquette / Twitter: @vcoquette / Facebook: VioletteCoquette

Projects: House of Hush Burlesque / The Canary Room / YEG Burlesque Calendar / Clue Burlesque



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Current Projects:

2018 Highlights:

  • Violette performed at 7 international burlesque festivals in 2018 including the Texas Burlesque Festival, Oregon Burlesque Festival, Toronto Burlesque Festival, Edmonton Burlesque Festival, New Orleans Burlesque Festival, Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, and Savannah Burlesque Festival.

  • Violette was invited to perform with three other House of Hush performers (Eugene Organ, Dame Perignon, and Flora Pistol) in a group act at the "Movers, Shakers & Innovators" Showcase at the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the first time in almost 10 years that Edmonton-based performers have appeared on the main stage at this extremely prestigious event.

  • Violette was invited to teach a class at the 2018 BurlyCon, an international burlesque conference held yearly in Seattle, Washington. Her class covered the basic movements and musicality of Mambo and Cha-Cha.

  • Violette began producing a monthly speakeasy burlesque show at Crash Hotel’s vintage cocktail bar in January of 2018, selling out every single show of 2018 in this successful upscale classic burlesque show which highlights both local burlesque talent as well as showcasing out-of-town and internationally-acclaimed performers.

Clients that Violette has worked with:

Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA); Rapid Fire Theatre (Late Night Cabaret); Jasper Pride Festival; Berlin Communications; SkirtsAfire HerArts Festival; Caitlin McElhone Events; EOCC Inc.; Halley’s Club (Starlite Casino); Calgary’s Restricted Section; Fruit Loop

Major Performances

  • 2018 Minneapolis Burlesque Festival (MN)

  • 2018 New Orleans Burlesque Festival (NOLA)

  • 2018 Toronto Burlesque Festival (Toronto, ONT)

  • 2018 Oregon Burlesque Festival (Portland, OR)

  • 2018 "Movers, Shakers & Innovators" Showcase with House of Hush at the 2018 Burlesque Hall of Fame (Las Vegas, NV)

  • 2017 Send in the Girls Burlesque "With Glowing Hearts" at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

  • 2017 Feature Performer at MELT  (Stockholm, Sweden)

  • 2017 London Burlesque Festival (London, England)

  • 2016 Send in the Girls Burlesque "Shakespeare's Sirens" at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Awards & Distinctions

  • Sterling Award Finalist (2018) Send the Girls Burlesque production of "Shakespeare's Sirens: A Burlesque Revue" nominated for Best New Work. 

  • Voted 1st Runner-Up Best Burlesque Artist 2017 and Violette Underground as 2nd Runner-Up Best Pop-Up Event 2017 in Edmonton’s 2017 Best of Edmonton (Vue Weekly).

  • Voted Best Burlesque Artist 2016 in Edmonton’s 2016 Best of Edmonton (Vue Weekly).

  • Sterling Award Finalist (2017) Nominee for Best Overall Production for Send the Girls Burlesque production of "Shakespeare's Sirens: A Burlesque Revue".

  • 5-Star Fringe review (2016) World-premiere revue with Send in the Girls Burlesque of "Shakespeare's Sirens: A Burlesque Revue" at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, which received 5 star reviews from both the Edmonton Journal and Vue Weekly.

  • 4-Star Fringe review (2013)  Featured soloist in Capital City Burlesque's "Elvisland", 2013 Edmonton International Fringe Festival.

  • Ranked top 3 in North America for Salsa Pro-Am (2016) and Am-Am On-2 (2015-2017) World Salsa Summit Competition: 3rd place in ProAm Showcase (2016); 3rd place in AmAm Showcase (2015/16); 2nd place in AmAm Showcase (2017).

Mentions in the Media

OCT 2017 // Clue: A Burlesque Murder Mystery featured on the cover of Vue Weekly!

"But don’t expect the same narrative to play out twice. This is, after all, a live-action show of the beloved 1950s game, Clue ... Since last year, the performers have been working on and rehearsing two divergent endings of bloody murder and spine-chilling mystery." - Sierra Bilton / Photos by JProcktor

Read the full article here.

SEPT 2017 // Violette Coquette once again on Vue Weekly's "Best of Edmonton 2017" list, voted #2 for "Best Burlesque Artist" and 2nd Runner-Up for the Violette Underground under "Best Pop-Up Event"! 

Check out the full list for 2017 here.

AUG 2017 // Send in the Girls Burlesque's 2017 Fringe show receives rave reviews from Liz Nicholls on 12th Night: "Violette Coquette is a strange and hilarious Roberta Bondar — Canada’s first female astronaut". Reviewed by Todd Babiak.

Read the full review here

SEPT 2016 // Violette Coquette was voted Edmonton's "Best Burlesque Artist" for 2016! What an honour.

Check out Vue Weekly's full "Best of" list here.



AUG 2016 // Fringe Review: Shakespeare's Sirens: A Burlesque Revue by LIANE FAULDER

"Shakespeare’s Sirens doesn’t even need this five-star review, though they more than deserve it. They opened to a packed house their first night out, and I expect will play to a roaring crowd each performance till their last." 

>> View full article


JULY 2016 // Commedia Burlesco featured in the Edmonton Journal's "Social Seen" by Codie McLachlan.  

>> View images here

JUNE 2016 // Violette's new event Commedia Burlesco (co-produced by G.Venchy and improvisor Julian Faid), featured in Vue Weekly.

“Whatever social issue is weighing down my heart or whatever thing I’m currently raging about or just something I think is really funny—burlesque is a place where you can take anything, literally anything, and make it into this story to share with people.” >> View full article here

FEB 2016 // The February Violette Underground event, featured in Edmonton Metro! 

The Violette Underground is an ongoing "pop-up speakeasy burlesque club", featuring a wide variety of Edmonton's most entertaining performers including spoken word poets, musicians, fortune tellers, belly dancers and burlesque artists. 

NOV 2015 // Big recent news in the Alberta burlesque community: the AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) has changed their definition of "nude" to NOT include nipples or breasts, providing "nipple equality" for male and female performers. A huge win! Violette Coquette and the Secret Burlesque Society made the issues around these AGLC rules an integral part of their performances in 2015, including creating an "AGLC" performance piece that actively protested the archaic and sexist AGLC rules. Violette was interviewed and pictured in this Metro article.



"It's my opinion that the Secret Burlesque Society really took the spirit of #DIYcity, and ran with it. The show was fantastic, the venue adorable, and it left the audience wanting more." - #DIYcity - The power of small objects, article by Jody Bailey (2015)


"Secret burlesque in Edmonton aims to bring back the ‘cheeky’." - Featured in Metro Edmonton, article by Stephanie Dubois (2015)


“Personally one of my favourite acts of the evening for the originality and fun music." - A review of the 2014 Ottawa Burlesque Festival's Friday night, The Dark Side of the Merkin by Krista Walsh / A Life in Glitter / September 20, 2014 (full review here)

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