Violette’s Signature Classic Acts

Violette’s acts range from classic striptease to humorous parody to gender-bending moustaches, and draw from her latin ballroom and salsa dance training. Have a specific idea or act in mind? Below is a sample of some of Violette's signature classic burlesque acts (or click here to see her neo burlesque acts)

Photo credit: Marissa Poirier, 2017 CIBF

Photo credit: Marissa Poirier, 2017 CIBF


Ritzy gent to dazzling showgirl

Bringing the golden era of the silver screen to the stage, let Violette seduce you as a gent… and then as a sultry showgirl. This ritzy act showcases all that is dapper and glitter! Starting in top hat and tails, Violette strips down to a sparkling custom lilac underbust.

Songs: "Puttin' on the Ritz" (Fred Astaire, 1952), "The Mooche" (Ronnie Magri & his New Orleans Jazz Band) / Length of act: 4:00

*Performed at: 2017 Edmonton Burlesque Festival, 2017 Calgary International Burlesque Festival, 2018 Oregon Burlesque Festival

"Decadent Flapper"

This act brings all the decadence of the Jazz Age bump ‘n grind to the floor. Custom chartreuse, citron and golden peacock-and-flower pattern jacket with fur trim and costume by Sweet Carousel Corsetry.

Song: "New Orleans Bump” (Marquis & The Rhythm Howlers) / Length: 4:08

"Cry Me A River"

A stunning blue satin gown becomes a river as Violette unwinds from 15 metres of blue fabric across the stage. An act about releasing the weight of heartbreak. Visually captivating.

Song: "Cry Me a River” (Dinah Washington) / Length: 3:57

"My Fair Lady Jazz"

Classic burlesque act performed to jazz standard “Take Five”. Sultry, elegant, musical, performed in Brubeck’s unusual 5/4 meter. Custom black velvet and white costume and derby hat.

Video of act on Vimeo

Song: "Take Five” The Dave Brubeck Quartet / Length: 3:52

"The Magician's Moustache"

This routine is a magic trick where the pretty lady becomes the magician! Red velvet gown peels down to a dapper tailcoat and bowler hat. At the very end Violette completes the picture by drawing on la pièce de résistance - the moustache! See portions of this act in Violette's Promo Reel

Song: "Three for the Show" (The Johnny Staccato Band) / Length: 3:00

"Top Hat, Swing Low" (Duet) 

Performed at the 2016 New Orleans Burlesque Festival! This duet presents a striking image on stage, starting with the two performers in dapper tailcoats, top hats and canes. The energy-build through the piece keeps the audience on their toes, with a surprise gender-bending transformation in the middle and climactic energy-filled reveal at the end.

See a video of this act on the NOBF stage on YouTube.

Songs: "Revue Noire" (Nicolas Repac) and "The Elk's Parade" (Bobby Sherwood & his Orchestra) / Length: 4:28

Performers: Violette Coquette and Dame Pérignon

Check out Violette’s Vimeo channel to see footage of previous events, shows and performances that she has done. 

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