Signature Acts

"I Prefer Your Hat"

This routine is a magic trick, where the pretty lady becomes the magician. Classic-era red velvet gown and elbow-length red gloves peel down and then into a dapper tailcoat and bowler hat with la pièce de résistance - the moustache!

See portions of this act in Violette's Promo Reel

Song: "Three for the Show" (The Johnny Staccato Band)

Length of piece: 3 minutes

"She'll Be Mine"

A smoky little number that can be performed on the smallest of stages: perfect for a little jazz bar, cocktail lounge or cabaret show.

Song: "She'll Be Mine After a While" (Papa Lightfoot)

Length of piece: 3 minutes

"Blue Fantasy"

The epitome of classic burlesque, going from elegance to bumps and grinds. The costume includes a custom-made one-of-a-kind peacock skirt that creates a beautiful surprise reveal.

See portions of this act in Violette's Promo Reel

Songs: "Taboo" (Lex Baxter) and "Black and Tan Fantasy" (Shim Sham Revue, Ronnie Magri & his New Orleans Jazz Band)

Length of piece: 4:30 minutes

"Pink Champagne"

An ode to every cocktail party where someone was awkwardly alone and had too much (pink) champagne to wash their blues away.

Songs: "Pink Champagne" (Joe Liggins) and "O dolci baci (slow)" (Piero Umiliani e la sua Orchestra Swing)

Length of piece: 3:59 minutes

Costume by Sweet Carousel Corsetry

"F*ck Hockey"

Photo credit: Marc J Chalifoux Photography / Taken at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival Late Night Cabaret

Photo credit: Marc J Chalifoux Photography / Taken at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival Late Night Cabaret

The "anti" hockey anthem, for all those sports fan friends who couldn't give a flying f*** about hockey. A humorous burlesque piece that strips through multiple Canadian hockey jerseys to get to Violette's true feelings on this most Canadian of sports.

Song: "Smoking Cigarettes and Watching Hockey Night in Canada" (The Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra)

Length of piece: 3:41 minutes / Choreographer: Violette Coquette

"The Lone Ranger"

Photo Credit: Argaive Anostro at Candyass Club / ©2016

Photo Credit: Argaive Anostro at Candyass Club / ©2016

The Lone Ranger is caught off-guard and must ride into the action and fight off unseen foes, with all the suspense and drama one expects from an old Spaghetti Western. Our hero runs out of bullets but a surprise reveal of some hidden guns saves the day!

Song: "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (Titoli)" by Ennio Morricone / "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"

Length of piece: 3:09 minutes / Choreographer: Violette Coquette


"Clap Hands"

This neo burlesque number has a sexy, dark whisky feel. Beginning all in coat tails and black, this performance ends with naked, dripping jewels.

See portions of this act in Violette's Promo Reel

Song: "Clap Hands" (Tom Waits)

Length of piece: 4 minutes / Choreographer: Violette Coquette



"Top Hat, Swing Low" (Duet) 

Performed at the 2016 New Orleans Burlesque Festival! This duet presents a striking image on stage, starting with the two performers in dapper tailcoats, top hats and canes. The energy-build through the piece keeps the audience on their toes, with a surprise gender-bending transformation in the middle and climactic energy-filled reveal at the end.

See a video of this act on the NOBF stage on YouTube.

Songs: "Revue Noire" (Nicolas Repac) and "The Elk's Parade" (Bobby Sherwood & his Orchestra)

Length of piece: 4:28

Performers: Violette Coquette and Dame Pérignon

Clue: A Burlesque Murder Mystery (Show) 

Hire our cast of burlesque performers, improvisers and theatre-creators for CLUE: A BURLESQUE MURDER MYSTERY! 

Who of the six players killed "Mr. Boddy"? Where did the crime take place, and which weapon was used? What was their motive? Join our illustrious host Prof. Eugene Organ as he plays detective and (with the help of the audience) solves the crime.

With original performances from Edmonton's burlesque glitterati including:
Mrs. White - LeTabby Lexington (Send in the Girls Burlesque)
Ms. Scarlet - Beau Creep (Edmonton Burlesque Festival Board President)
Col. Mustard - Violette Coquette (The Violette Underground)
Rev. Green - Holly Von Sinn (Sinners, Freaks and Geeks)
Mrs. Peacock - Kiki Quinn (Burlesque A La Carte)
Prof. Plum - Rusty Kingfisher (Man Up!)

Hosted by the Detective, Julian Faid (Secret Burlesque Society, Rapid Fire Theatre), and Mr. Boddy, Jason Hardwick (Dynasty). CLUE: A BURLESQUE MURDER MYSTERY is a night of striptease, comedy, mystery and haunted mansions: a game to die for! 

40 minute show (60 minutes including 20 minute intermission)


"Menstrual Tango" (group act)

Photography by Jon-Christian Ashby

Photography by Jon-Christian Ashby

This is a tango routine with a twist. Cravings, lust, cramps, ice cream, wine, chocolate, flowing red silk, a tampon - this number has it all!

Song: "Vivo Tango" (Maxime Rodriguez)

Length: 3:54

Choreographer: Violette Coquette

Performers: Violette Coquette, Dame Perignon, Flora Pistol and Prof. Eugene Organ as the tampon

Check out our Vimeo channel to see footage of previous events, shows and performances that we've done. We can also create solos, duets or group acts, depending on your budget! Email for details on our different packages, pricing and availability.